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Article posté par @BrunoD.
Paru le mercredi 26 juin 2013 à 18:21
Vu 3891 fois.
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SingleBe du Handmade 100% Tchéque

Découvert récemment sur notre forum, j’ai voulu en savoir plus sur SingleBe. Quelques minutes plus tard, j’étais en admiration par la décoration de certains cadres proposés par cette jeune marque Tchèque créé en 2011.


Une des originalités que propose SinglesBe est le double jeux de la peinture. Un côté est recouvert d’une décoration originale ou plus classique et l’autre est fumé puis recouvert d’une peinture de protection transparente pour laisser apparaître le travail sur les soudures et les tubes.


Comme le précise Tom dans l’interview ci-dessous, tout les voeux des futurs propriétaires peuvent être réalisés sur les cadres. En passant par une géométrie spécifiques, des montages singlespeed, Rolhoff, vitesses, etc....

Pour l’instant le site internet n’est disponible qu’en tchèque mais une version anglaise est en projet.

Autre point intéressant, les cadres peuvent être fait à base de “simple” Crmo pour un prix démarrant à environ 450€ jusqu’au Colombus Zona pour 700€ en passant par du Reynolds 525 ou 725. Attention c’est un prix indicatif, il vaut mieux prendre contact avec eux pour plus d’informations sur les tarifs.


Comme il s’agit d’une petite infrastructure, la production actuelle se limite à 2 cadres par mois.

Mais le vélo n’est pas leur seul produit, ils ont aussi une gamme de snowscoots, SnowBe.

Voici quelques photos : Galerie SingleBe

Plus d'infos :

Interview de Tom en version intégral non sous-titré :

SSBE :Hi Tom, when are born your Bike company and why the name SingleBe ?

TOM : The company has been born at the end of 2011, when I wanted to have a 29er bike with own belt system and there is not so many custom manufactures to build such a frame according my wishes. And because I knew a friend of mine, with many years experience in building bike frames so I contact him and he weld the first frame. SingleBe, first bike was SingleSpeed with a belt so I was thinking about SingleBelt but I do not want to be limited only to a belt and also I have been living as a single for a long time : ) so that's why SingleBe, and it sounds good, doesn't it ? ; )

SSBE : How many people works on your company ?

TOM : We don’t have regular employers, I have a lot of external workers. The principle is that I communicate with customers, design bikes, design frames and sub-parts and then I have one external company with CNC machine to prepare some parts like bottom brackets, dropouts etc, also I have one small company which works with metal and they are responsible to prepare some parts in smaller series ( smaller then it is worth to use CNC machine). Then there is a guy, very skillful airbrush painter, he applies custom metalic/colors/coloured transparent coats etc ...and also we collaborate with a company, which knows work with powder coats ... Plus I have a few very reliable friends, from the bike business, who we are completing bikes with and riding on the bikes, what is very important phase for us!

SSBE :I guess frame are custom and all is possible : 650b, singlespeed, Rolhoff, belt drive, Tapered Head, etc ... ?

TOM :Yes, we are very open to fulfill any customer wishes. We have a new model Trail-killer 650b, actually we're having one 29er frame with asymetric tapered head tube, which is also made in CZ, there are new rear ropouts for 10mm thru axle with a stainless steel hanger for a derailleur ... We just made one bike with gates center track and also there is one build in a queue for rohloff etc .. so if it is not completely impossible to do something so we do that : )

SSBE : Paint and welds are handcrafted in home ?

TOM : wet paints in my friend paint workshop, weld in my friend garage and powder coats in my friend company : ) so it looks we are just kind people with a passion for the steel art

SSBE : The design are very specific, like one face colored. Why this choice ?

TOM : Just to be different ... And I must say that the first model SingleBe BTW is unforgotable because the design ..

I love just raw design or some transparent coloured coats like we used "smoke" effect on our trail killer frames. That's really awesome, because you can see a sense of color but you can still see the steel and hand made work. I am not fan of simple color RAL powder coat, because then a frame looks like regular frame from the shopping center ; ) All the handcrafted work is covered by "cheap" paint and it's going to loose steel feeling ...

SSBE : I saw on your site, you have belt drive frame with "simple" dropout.

How you tender the belt and you don't have problem with the chain tension ?

TOM : Sorry, you are probably not right : ) with belt we used horizontal dropouts. For one of our recent build, SingleBe Fitness SS bike ( could be seen in our FB page, it is not yet on official site ) we used excentric BB to tension a gates.

SSBE : How many costs a singlespeed frame and the prices of options

TOM : I'm really sorry that the site is still only in CZ, I'm working on EN version, there is a price list.

Prices depends on the tube set, basic set is for 11000 CZK (450€), and frames from Reynolds start at 13500CZK (530€) . It includes raw or single RAL powder coat. Basically I calculate the final price according customer requirements rather than to have some regular fixed price list, because we have not done any frame twice yet so there is no fixed price. I'm always trying to recommend suitable package for worth price and the most important is to have satisfied customers who love to ride a SingleBe bike, because it is the bike as they wanted it to be ... : )


So, now Bruno, you basically know how we works .. we do not see building frames like a big business, it's our passion and pleasure to see satisfied riders on SB.

Sometimes it's quite a big challenge to prepare a frame exactly according a customer wishes, when there is something for the first time, but that's only the way how to push the company and development ahead. You can never be scared of new things, custom frames are about new things, which you have to learn very quickly and apply them to the real world ...

Thank you for your time Tom.