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Pearson Handlebar tape 
 10/04/2014 06:36 par @BrunoD (2 commentaires)

Des Guidolines comme vous en avez rêvé.




Il y a quelques jours, nous vous avons présenté dans le forum les guidolines Pearson Gear qui proposent des décorations sortant de l'ordinaire comme les Batman ou Star Wars.



Ce sont des produits fait main en Californie à base de gel cork, recouvert d'un tissu en coton avec différents design.

Etant intrigué par ces produits, j'ai donc contacté Brandy Pearson, la créatrice de cette marque, en lui pausant les questions suivantes (En anglais) :


Bruno : Hi Brandy, why do you start to made bar tape ?

Brandy : I realized that I couldn't find comfortable handlebar tape with real patterns or designs. I decided that we could make a hybrid by combining gel-cork wrap and beautiful fabrics.

You're based in California and when your company was born ?

We started making these late last year, we've officially opened this year.

You have lot of model, but it's also made to order with a specific logo like our logo (see my signature) ?

We could definitely do something more generic like with a similar skull pattern. If you wanted a specific logo and pattern, then I'd have to also create a custom fabric. That would require a bit of lead time. We could consider these kinds of custom orders depending on quantity.

It's very intersting because sometimes, me and friends we don't find bar tape to follow with our bike, it's my case. Your products included sticky tape at the bottom ?

They have the silicone gel adhesive on the underside of the wrap. 

Thanks Brandy to your reply and good luck with your company.

Les handlebar tape sont disponible sur le site Etsy :

Prix : environ 30 €

Pearson Gear :

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Commentaire n°2/2
Remonter Posté le 07/05/2015 par linnk

Where is Bryan ?

Commentaire n°1/2
Remonter Posté le 10/04/2014 par Megaesa

Thanks for this article! I didn't know about this company but seems like they make great patterns and the prices are OK.. I will definitely try these in the future, when to get pretty details for my bikes.